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Movestorm Raptor Power Rack Infinity Next-Gen - Blue

Movestorm Raptor Power Rack Infinity Next-Gen - Blue

Harga reguler Rp 79.799.000,00 IDR
Harga reguler Rp 79.799.000,00 IDR Harga obral Rp 79.799.000,00 IDR
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The evolution of functional training, the Movestorm Raptor Power rack Infinity Next-Gen is a game changing addition to any facility. Featuring two squat bays, and three 90kg weight stacks with two pull up stations (multi grip and straight bar). This space-efficient design performs as both a power rack and a dual cable machine, offering near limitless training options all within arms reach.

Connection between cable-based strength training, and free-weight functional training. Double independent 90kg weight stages cable columns using a 2:1 pulley ratio, offer a variety of dual and single cable exercises such as cable crossover, cable fly’s, lateral raises, pullovers, crunches, lat pull down, extensions, rows and curls. And another independent 90kg cable columns specifically for lat pull down and Low row using a 1:1 pulley ratio

With its modular design, your Raptor Power Rack will grow as you do. whether you choose to start from Basic rack or Infinity series each rack is compatible with several Rack Attachments, such as dip stations, storages, pivot benches and lat-pull down seats.

Attachments can be mounted either side of the rack to unlock thousands of training possibilities, minimising floor space and maximising your performance.

Offering more training opportunity Raptor Infinity Next-Gen offers everything a modern training space needs. We understand the importance of space, and utilising your gym area to its fullest potential. The Infinity Next-Gen Rack offers itself to functionality. The future is simpler and scalable with with This Rack, all of your training needs covered in one complete solution.

the quick release roller system allows quick and smooth transition up and down the upright through a number of settings, while also offering high impact strength and long lasting durability. The handle can pivot 160° to allow the cable to be used in multiple directions. This roller system is the same as that applied to our iso-leverams.

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