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Movestorm® Short Squat Stand Special Edition - Magenta

Movestorm® Short Squat Stand Special Edition - Magenta

Harga reguler Rp 6.545.000,00 IDR
Harga reguler Rp 6.545.000,00 IDR Harga obral Rp 6.545.000,00 IDR
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Dapatkan Virtual Training Package with Coach Halim Jiang. Diskon tambahan 99rb khusus member
Belanja minimal 2 juta, bisa dapat kelas pelatihan gratis dari Keto Fitness yang dilatih langsung oleh Coach Ebi Pranoto & free easy rapid oleh Coach Pohanfu.
Movestorm® Short Squat Stands Special Edition, a space-efficient squat rack designed for versatile strength training exercises. Let's break down some of the features you mentioned:

Space-Efficient Design: The squat rack is designed to be space-efficient, making it suitable for home gyms or areas with limited space.

Versatility: The rack offers versatility as an all-in-one workstation for various exercises, including squats, bench presses, clean pulls, floor presses, and overhead presses. This versatility makes it a convenient option for users looking to perform a range of strength training movements.

Low Profile: The low-profile design means the rack has a relatively small height, providing stability while keeping a compact footprint. This can be advantageous for those with lower ceilings or limited vertical space.

Uprights: The 60x60mm uprights are made from 11-gauge steel (3mm thickness), indicating a sturdy and durable construction. The steel gauge is a measure of thickness, and a lower gauge number generally implies thicker and more robust material.

Hole Pattern: The two-hole pattern with 25mm spacing through the bench and clean pull zones and 50mm spacing above and below allows for height adjustment. This feature is crucial for accommodating different user heights and preferences for various exercises.

Included Accessories: The mention of the included pair of Deluxe Zeta Sandwich Jcups implies that the squat stands come with high-quality J-cups for safely holding the barbell during exercises. The term "Sandwich Jcups" suggests a design that securely cradles the barbell to prevent damage and enhance user safety.
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