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Harga reguler Rp 548.000,00 IDR
Harga reguler Rp 548.000,00 IDR Harga obral Rp 548.000,00 IDR
Obral Habis
Free Voucher Rp.100.000 untuk mengikuti Sertifikasi Personal Trainer Rai Institute & RTS (Resistance Training Specialist) dan bergabung dengan Komunitas Binaraga Natural Terbesar di Indonesia
Dapatkan Virtual Training Package with Coach Halim Jiang.

Belanja minimal 2 juta, bisa dapat kelas pelatihan gratis dari Keto Fitness yang dilatih langsung oleh Coach Ebi Pranoto & free easy rapid oleh Coach Pohanfu.This is a classic kettlebell designed for heavy use. They use the traditional method of kettlebell design, which means they get larger as the weight increases, allowing for smaller weight kettlebell training.

The cast iron is one-off molded and powder coated metal for a stable center of gravity and durability.

Quality materials and crafted construction

Livepro kettlebells are made of sturdy and high-quality cast iron using a proprietary casting process that is molded in one piece so each kettlebell is of the highest quality and maintains as clean surface effects as possible

Powder Coating

The kettlebell has a black frosted powder coat finish and a frosted painted handle, which also gives us a smooth, and comfortable handle that feels great in the hand, provides more friction and improves grip

Stable placement

The base of each kettlebell is machined so that it sits perfectly on the floor and does not wobble.

Classic Design

It is a classic kettlebell design, each kettlebell varies in size, and the heavier the weight, the larger the kettlebell.


Professional cast iron kettlebells are built for strength and conditioning, with multiple weight sizes to choose from and a wide ergonomic handle for one-handed and two-handed contact. It is dipped plastic in one body, practical small size, long lasting and very durable

Suitable for a variety of training scenarios

This basic fitness base is perfect for a variety of scenarios, full body training, functional training, strength training and HIIT workouts, making it a smart investment for the gym
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